GDEPs training covers many fascinating topics and aspects of end of life work and knowledge. Each training module builds on previous content as students progress through Tiers and Masterclasses. Content is provided by experts in a variety of fields from Australian and overseas who will join Dr Annetta Mallon in offering a premium evidence-based learning environment.

If you are interested in increasing your death literacy and understanding advance planning better, whether you would like to offer education and information in your community, or if you would like to become a fully-fledged End of Life Consultant, Planner and Doula, GDEP has exactly the right approach for you.

Dr Annetta Mallon

Annetta is an End of Life (EOL) Doula, Consultant and educator, having completed over 15 years of study as well as being an experienced Grief and psychotherapy practitioner. She's also a professional writer, professional public speaker, academic, researcher, story-keeper, humourist, advocate, listener, networker, and a compassionate, inclusive, sex-positive support person. Annetta is a seasoned speaker and lecturer, and is regularly invited to speak at both academic and public events.

This course allows for training with understanding...

" I have been to one of Annetta's talks relating to death and the role Doulas play and found it to be most enlightening...the End of Life Consultant, Doula and Advance Planning training course, I believe, is for both professional and lay persons on a topic that we all need to engage with, but more importantly the course allows for training with understanding. The issue of loved ones moving on is an area of heightened sensitivity and this course prepares the Doula in the practice of legal, moral, cultural and ethical positioning to enable effective support."

– John Shepherd

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